IGA – Learning CIO                                                                    

IGA – Learning offers free English and computer classes to people who cannot for one reason or another access statutory education. We support and encourage people to be part of their community and reduce isolation and increase participation through various enjoyable activities to encourage socializing. We also support people with job application form filling, life skills, housing issues, interpretation services and advocacy as well as signposting them to the right services. Our goal is to help lift people out of poverty.

Mission Statement

To ensure our local community has access to education in literacy, numeracy, technology and to promote social inclusion, health and well-being for people in the local area so that they are better equipped to take employment or to progress in their learning to higher education.

Vision Statement

IGA – Learning provides high quality literacy, numeracy and technology education, it also promotes social inclusion and wellbeing. We aim to sign post our learners abilities work with the public and private organisations in order to meet the education, training and work experience needs of the learners.

Why not use our 17 seats minibus for just a donation? 

for more information please contact us to find out.

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IGA – LEARNING CIO: registered no. 1170877


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