Duration Time 6 months
Student 20
Certificate yes
Lessons 0
Course Content
Delice’s Testimony (from volunteering to employment)

‘’I started at IGA-Learning in 2016 when I was sent by my High school to do a week of work placement. At that point, I had little experience with Microsoft office but this was limited to creating documents in Microsoft word.  After my placement I decided that I wanted to carry on working in a very welcoming, and driven environment so I started to do voluntary work at IGA-learning as an admin. Sometimes I would go to the classes to help out as an assistant tutor which I very much enjoyed as well. In February 2018, I was offered a paid job as an admin worker which I gladly took on.  I have found that working with IGA learning has opened many other opportunities in different ways. For example, I recently got a job as an admin with Ingram micro, a company that distributes computer and technology products and services as they thought that the skills I have developed while working at IGA would be useful in their company.’’ (June 2019)