Duration Time 6 months
Student 20
Certificate yes
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We offer free Accredited English courses ranging from

Pre -Entry Level  to Level 2:

People from around the world are on a mission to learn English as it has become the international language of the world. Why then not take this great opportunity to study English at IGA – Learning as early as possible and equip yourself when it comes to the choice of universities or jobs to which you apply.

Here is what Deolinda (One of our students said)

“When I arrived in the UK 6 years ago seeking a better life for my children and myself, my command of the English language was non existent. I could only communicate via friends and was unable to do simple tasks such as shopping. I enrolled with IGA, starting in the beginners class learning basic words and pronunciation, and soon developed an understanding of the language. 
Initially this enabled me to become self sufficient and find employment. I have continued to attend the school and have become proficient in English but I continue to learn and develop.
IGA has helped me fulfil my life’s ambition which was to become a university student. Without the help of IGA this would never have happened” Dec 2018.